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GiveAndTake - The 6 Hour Monoscene. A Fundraiser for the Dave Thomas Foundation

  • The Tank 151 West 46th Street, 8th fl New York, NY 10036 United State (map)

6 hours. Many players. One monoscene. One great cause.
Produced by: Leah Evans

THE MONOSCENE IS an improv form that takes place in a single location in a single span of time, with no external edits of any kind. It is frequently referred to as an improvised one act play.


$5 per hour at the door/$15 for the whole shebang! Donations accepted

Can't go and would like to make a donation? Let us know!

Want to donate in another way? Bring cup/cakes/cookies/drinks..

About the Artists

CORE CAST (all 6 hours)
Langston Belton (GUS/Coyote/Hero Complex)
Shawn Wickens (Junior Varsity/Bad Film Fest)
Leah Evans (The Internet Disagrees/WTHfest/NYC Resource)
Joel Shaughnessy (10k Team Boomerang/Cool Teacher)
Dan Silver (US National Improv Team)
Neetol Rahman (Madam Vice/Secret Genius)

ALSO FEATURING (at various hours)
Michelle Francesca Thomas (Gas Station Horror/10K)
Destiny Rivera (Tickle Party/Dark Matter)
Irene Carroll (Yes, Please!/Gotham City Improv)
Evan Zelnick (On The Pot/Baby Babushka)
Caitlin Ahmann (Clutch)
Ron Hill (National Comedy Theatre/Made For TV Movie)
Chris Griggs (The Baldwins)
Declan C. Ham (Mommie Dearest)
Alyson Cripps (The Future, Sheeple)
Jessica Kane (Busted!, Maude Night: 212)
Darryl Palmas (Banshee/Daddy's Issues)
Aedan McCarty (Baby Babushka/Zygote)
Sean Perham (Ultimate Feelings)
Heather Preyer (Prizes)
Brett Wean (People Improvising)
Michael Williams (Flakey Jake/Supernova: Order)
Zak Roland (Classic Brady/Sufficiently Silly)
Jon Blue (Loyalty Program/Happy Hour Jam)
Zekee Silos (DAYUM/PIT House Manager Extraodinaire!)
Tanyika Carey (Cherub Improv/It's Tuesday!)

Earlier Event: March 5
Gas Station Horror
Later Event: March 13
Orphan Action League: Part 1