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God is a jealous God....and she doesn't break up well.

Here's something fun that I produced for my friend, teacher and UCB veteran Frank Garcia-Hejl. Enjoy!


Oh, hello there. 

I'm a New York based actress, sketch writer and Producer/AD. I'm also the eldest of four siblings and appreciate those who take the time to make genuine connections with other people. So, thanks for stopping by. 

In Development


I've been working with the very funny and prolific writing team Marina & Nicco on two projects. In July, I will be helping them bring their play Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told In The Dark, to the HERE Arts Center and in August we'll be shooting the pilot episode for their web series Matchwipe. Stand by for updates!

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"The truth is permanent. Everything else will fall by the way side." - Dave Chappelle, Inside the Actors Studio