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HEY! Remember waaaay back when, when I told you that I was producing videos with a new digital team for UCB Comedy and you were like "Yeah, right. It's been over a month and I don't see no videos, gurrrl!" Well, you shouldn't doubt things I say because they're finally here, okaaaay!. I'll be posting new ones each week! Enjoy!

When it comes to weddings, nothing is more important than having the perfect wedding #.

Technical Reel


Oh, hello there. 

I'm a New York based actress, sketch writer and behind the scenes film person. I'm also the eldest of four siblings and appreciate those who take the time to make genuine connections with other people. So, thanks for stopping by. 

Thanks so much...

To the 5th Annual Chicago Women's Funny Festival! It was a pleasure to bring Those Other People (my tribute to the Ghostbusters) to Chicago. Can't wait to come back!

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"The truth is permanent. Everything else will fall by the way side." - Dave Chappelle, Inside the Actors Studio