Those other people

"I love Ghostbusters!" - said by every person that has ever seen Ghostbusters

Sure, we all know and love Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston. We even love Dana, Janine, and Louis. And we love to hate Dickless, I mean Walter Peck BUT I loved Ghostbusters enough to create a show out of the lesser known characters.

Just a few of "Those Other People" are below....

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Meet Bill

A nice kid that just wanted to earn five bucks. We know he stormed out of the ESP test because he wasn't expecting the "payment" of electric shocks but what happened after he left the room?


Sure Ray was convinced with the fire pole but Peggy's mainly silent performance would lead one to question how did she even get 3 scientists to look at a firehouse in "the demilitarized zone."


A nice woman on the verge of retirement until the Ghostbusters came along.


Sure she's in business for herself as an aerobics instructor and probably got some tax advice from Louis but what was she really doing there, before the Demon Dog attacked?

all photos (except movie stills) by Giancarlo Osaben